Event branding, headlines, Catalogues, edms

new sale event

Create the name and identity for a sale that lasts for one-day only and occurs during the Mid-season Sale.


Saturday Sprint TVC storyboard


New Sale Weekend Name & Identity

runway EVENT

Create a new identity for a series of five fashion shows that will tour every major city in Australia. 
Make it accessible, fun and fashion-forward. 

Runway Nation
Be part of something big.

Runway Nation makes a grand statement and reinforces Myer’s national identity.


Show titles
Titles are based on fashion personalities and
fun archetypes.


Concepts for catalogue and edms

Summer starts here. 
The concept for High Summer Fashion catalogue: HOLIDAYS! 
The summer holidays are on their way. A sense of excitement is in the air.
Get ready for fun, family and the freedom of sunshine.



So many catalogue headlines. Feels like thousands. Here are a few.